Catching up: Alan Kay, Stan Lippman, Steve Vinoski...

Joe Kiniry (
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 16:00:15 -0800

Ron Resnick writes:

> Yes, I recently learned this as well from this email I got last week
> from Steve, sent to the COOTS'97 commitee:

Steve wrote:
> On yet another topic, I've taken all of your input for possible
> topics for the Advanced Topics Workshop, and have come to the
> conclusion that "Issues of Component Software" as suggested by Ron
> Resnick covers other suggested issues such as security, transactions,
> system evolution, etc. I will work on a call for this and send it
> around for critique shortly.

cool, good suggestion ron (predictable, but good <g>).

> So, Adam what gives? You saw Steve last week, but Steve was
> in Maui?? Were you in Maui?? How do poor grad students get
> to Maui??

the hawaii conference is getting quite popular. its kind of like
those international conferenes in india where you get a slew of
submissions and program committee members who'd like to take advantage
of the location to get a free trip home. (more power to 'em, i say.)

> Which is apparently the direction Steve is going to move in. Should
> be a good conference, although unfortunately I don't think I'll be able
> to make it. Other FoRKers into these topics may want to make a point
> of registering though.

ah, if only we had the time...

> For the record, since we're tracking the movements of folks through
> the companies they work for, I've left Nortel, and we're moving
> to Israel next week, where I start with IBM on Feb 16th. (My current
> email address for FoRK registration - -
> will remain valid).

bye bye ron...