Re: Catching up: Alan Kay, Stan Lippman, Steve Vinoski...

Joe Kiniry (
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 16:02:06 -0800

I. Find Karma writes:

> I was in Maui. For no other reason than it mocked Rohit, who got
> five inches of snow while I was there.
> Poor grad students get to go to Maui if they write a paper and
> it gets accepted and for some reason their advisor can't go so
> they have to go present it in his place.

aye, and smart grad-students are very careful about where they
submit... :)

> (Chance for plug!) You can read said paper, entitled "Systematic
> Composition of Objects in Distributed Internet Applications: Processes
> and Sessions" by sucking down URL

what adam doesn't note is that he has, yet again, won a best paper
award for a conference of note. congrats to adam.

> I'd be dying to know if anyone building industrial grade stuff with such
> components would be willing and able to share experiences. This seems
> like one of those cabal things where all the people with megaexperience
> are less than inclined to share it.

ancient chinese secret, huh?