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Sat, 18 Jan 97 19:38:18 PST

> > On yet another topic, I've taken all of your input for possible
> > topics for the Advanced Topics Workshop, and have come to the
> > conclusion that "Issues of Component Software" as suggested by Ron
> > Resnick covers other suggested issues such as security, transactions,
> > system evolution, etc. I will work on a call for this and send it
> > around for critique shortly.
> cool, good suggestion ron (predictable, but good <g>).

(puts tongue in cheek) One issue I'm aware of is people who, for one
reason or another, "will distribute business objects for food"...
(cf, :)

> the hawaii conference is getting quite popular.

HICSS is at

The minitrack I presented at was software engineering for distributed

> its kind of like those international conferenes in india where you get
> a slew of submissions and program committee members who'd like to take
> advantage of the location to get a free trip home. (more power to 'em,
> i say.)

You mean like HiPC?

Let's check out their Brief History...

The 1994 meeting was held in Bangalore, India.
Total attendance was around 175.
Keynote speakers:
Arvind, MIT
Prith Banerjee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Larry Davis, University of Maryland

The 1995 meeting was held in New Delhi, India.
Total attendance was around 210.
Keynote speakers:
Anant Agarwal, MIT
Anoop Gupta, Stanford University
Uzi Vishkin, University of Maryland and Tel Aviv University

The 1996 meeting was held in Trivandrum, India.
Total attendance was around 185.
Keynote speakers:
Forest Baskett, Silicon Graphics Inc.
K. Mani Chandy, California Institute of Technology
Oscar Ibarra, University of California, Santa Barbara
Greg Papadopoulos, SUN Microsystems
Marc Snir, IBM T. J. Watson Research Centre

The 1997 meeting will be held in Bangalore, India.

> > Poor grad students get to go to Maui if they write a paper and
> > it gets accepted and for some reason their advisor can't go so
> > they have to go present it in his place.
> aye, and smart grad-students are very careful about where they
> submit... :)

I plead the fifth commandment.

> >
> what adam doesn't note is that he has, yet again, won a best paper
> award for a conference of note. congrats to adam.

Thanks, Joe. You're nice. :)

> > I'd be dying to know if anyone building industrial grade stuff with such
> > components would be willing and able to share experiences. This seems
> > like one of those cabal things where all the people with megaexperience
> > are less than inclined to share it.
> ancient chinese secret, huh?

It's a mystery stuck inside of riddle wrapped in a conundrum smothered
in secret sauce.

> > I want to find the people in the world dumb enough to pay for Slate,
> > and sell them a nice little bridge just off Manhattan...
> hell, i'll sell them some of my lost hair - just grind it up and drink
> it in tea and you too can feel taken!

I wonder what kind of buzz "Joe hair tea" provides...


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