Top 10 Names for Apple/NeXT I thought of at the gym.

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Sat, 18 Jan 97 19:10:49 PST

Every once in a while when I'm at the gym my mind wanders and I
start thinking about stuff like "How in the world did Bill Gates
get another Time magazine cover story?" or "What's a good way to
approximate pi over root 3 by rational fractions?" (for the
answer, cf A.K. Dubitskas, Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta
Matematika, Vol 42, No 6, pp 73-76, 1987)...

Today I was thinking that Apple should take the opportunity to
rename itself to accompany the merger with NeXT.

I'm not very creative, so I might need some FoRKhelp.
If you like this, then I wrote it. If you hate it, then
Rohit wrote it.

Top 10 Names for Apple/NeXT I thought of at the gym

10. MaCareNeXT
(thanks for the inspiration, Ernie:

9. Gigaverse
(I know it's taken by a really cool company:
but they'd probably sell the name if the price were right :)

8. ApplePLeXT
(not sure what it means, but it sounds cool :)

7. MaXT
(it sounds better than it looks :)

6. Mookie Blaylock
5. Boutros-Boutros, By Golly!
(for some reason, I can't get these names out of my head :)

4. MACrosoft
(or some variation thereof :)

3. Apple CoRE
(the big problem with this one is that the E is suffering
capital punishment :)

2. Jobs Migration
(my brain would have exploded if I came up with a good pun :)

And the number 1 name for Apple/NeXT I thought of at the gym:

1. To Be or Not To Be - What a Stupid Question
(kind of long as a company name, but it grows on you :)


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