Re: Catching up: Alan Kay, Stan Lippman, Steve Vinoski...

I Find Karma (
Sat, 18 Jan 97 14:27:52 PST

> So, Adam what gives? You saw Steve last week, but Steve was
> in Maui?? Were you in Maui?? How do poor grad students get
> to Maui??

I was in Maui. For no other reason than it mocked Rohit, who got
five inches of snow while I was there.

Poor grad students get to go to Maui if they write a paper and
it gets accepted and for some reason their advisor can't go so
they have to go present it in his place.

(Chance for plug!) You can read said paper, entitled "Systematic
Composition of Objects in Distributed Internet Applications: Processes
and Sessions" by sucking down URL

Steve Vinoski was also at the Hawaii International Conference on System
Sciences (HICSS) in Maui last week, where he presented a tutorial -
"CORBA for C++ programmers" and he might have presented a paper too.
I know he chaired a session on distributed objects as well.

Funny that he considers that to be a vacation.

> <<Perhaps something even higher up the food chain? Maybe "Experiences
> with component collaboration models" or some such. Provide a forum for
> discussing the dynamic collaboration of prefabricated software
> components, including (but not limited to) experiences with
> technologies like Beans, OpenDoc, ActiveX, LiveConnect, strategies for
> evolving from older models like VBasic to the newer models,
> innovative applications and uses of dynamic collaboration, things to
> look for in tool selection, etc.

I'd be dying to know if anyone building industrial grade stuff with such
components would be willing and able to share experiences. This seems
like one of those cabal things where all the people with megaexperience
are less than inclined to share it.

> For the record, since we're tracking the movements of folks through
> the companies they work for, I've left Nortel, and we're moving
> to Israel next week, where I start with IBM on Feb 16th. (My current
> email address for FoRK registration - -
> will remain valid).

Cool!! I've always wanted to live in Israel. Have a good travel.
If there's one thing FoRK people do, it's not stay in any one place for
too long. It's harder to hit a moving target.


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