Who would pay $70 a year for Stale?

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Sat, 18 Jan 97 15:06:46 PST

fwdd from Educom...
> Michael Kinsley, the editor of "Slate," a Microsoft-supported
> Web-based political/cultural magazine, has abandoned plans to charge
> readers who visit its Web page.

They were ridiculous to think they could charge for this anyway.
It's like MTV making ISPs pay to access its site. Die, MTV, die!

Actually, it's like MTV stealing a really good idea and turning it
into the vomit heap that is M2. Has anyone seen this garbage? It's
no wonder cable companies are refusing to add it to their slates.

> "Even in our headiest moments, we couldn't convince ourselves
> that people lust for political and cultural commentary the way they
> lust for sex and money," says Kinsley,

Well, duh. Especially political and cultural commentary that comes from
a bunch of arrogant self-congratulating clustermucks.

I *don't* want my PMSNBC!

> who still plans to use e-mail to deliver a printable version of the
> magazine for $70 a year. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 14 Jan 96 B5)

I want to find the people in the world dumb enough to pay for Slate,
and sell them a nice little bridge just off Manhattan...


Andrew Lloyd Webber came up with the grand idea of having this history
lesson sung to us. Thanks. Maybe you could scribe the text into my
forehead with a blowtorch while you're at it.
-- Mr. Cranky