Catching up: Alan Kay, Stan Lippman, Steve Vinoski...

Ron Resnick (
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 14:24:55 -0500 (EST)

>Date: Fri, 17 Jan 97 23:46:27 PST
>From: (I Find Karma)
>Subject: Catching up: Alan Kay, Stan Lippman, Steve Vinoski...

>Oh, by the way, in Ron's response to Tim
>he mentions that Stan Lippman is now at Disney, but his note indicates
>Steve Vinoski is at HP. Well, Mr. Vinoski has just jumped from HP to
>Iona -- seems like they too are slowly amassing an empire. (BTW, I know
>this because I met him at HICSS last week. It's a small world afterall.)


Yes, I recently learned this as well from this email I got last week
from Steve, sent to the COOTS'97 commitee:

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 23:41:23 -0500
From: Steve Vinoski <>
Subject: COOTS status

Hello COOTS'97 Program Committee,

Happy New Year to all of you. Traditionally, the beginning of the
year is a time for change, and this year has brought a major change
for me. As some of you already know, I recently left Hewlett-Packard
to join IONA Technologies as Senior Architect for their new
engineering organization in Cambridge, MA.

With respect to COOTS, this means that the COOTS page at should be updated with my new affiliation, new email
address, and new surface mail address:

Steve Vinoski
IONA Technologies, Inc.
60 Aberdeen Ave.
Cambridge, MA USA 02138
phone: 1-800-672-4948 x458
1-617-949-4158 (direct line)
fax: 1-617-949-9001

HP kindly agreed to forward all email to until
mid-February, so we won't lose any COOTS submissions sent to that address.

On another topic, Bjarne Stroustrup has agreed to do the COOTS
keynote address. I think this will be great, especially given that
he has never given the keynote for either COOTS or its C++ Conference

On yet another topic, I've taken all of your input for possible
topics for the Advanced Topics Workshop, and have come to the
conclusion that "Issues of Component Software" as suggested by Ron
Resnick covers other suggested issues such as security, transactions,
system evolution, etc. I will work on a call for this and send it
around for critique shortly.

The final topic: Since author notifications are due February 25th,
and because the review period is already so short (from the 12th to
the 23rd), we need to have a Program Committee meeting on February
24th. Are any of you willing to host such a meeting? They typically
last only half a day, and require only a meeting room with a
whiteboard, and perhaps some coffee/juice/soda etc. Those of us who
live in colder areas of the world especially would like to hear from
those of you who live where it's warm. :-) Please let me know if
you're a willing host.


P.S. I'm currently in Maui vacationing with my family after speaking
at a conference here, and I will likely be in Dublin for a couple
weeks after this, so if you want to contact me any time during
January, email is your best bet.

----end Ron's snip------

So, Adam what gives? You saw Steve last week, but Steve was
in Maui?? Were you in Maui?? How do poor grad students get
to Maui??

BTW, the Advanced Workshop Topic Steve refers to above is
the last day of COOTS - being held in Portland Or. in June --.
Last year, they did distributed objects on the Internet. For this
year, I suggested:

<<Perhaps something even higher up the food chain? Maybe "Experiences with
component collaboration models" or some such. Provide a forum for discussing the
dynamic collaboration of prefabricated software components,
including (but not limited to) experiences
with technologies like Beans, OpenDoc, ActiveX, LiveConnect,
strategies for evolving from older models like VBasic to the newer models,
innovative applications and uses of dynamic collaboration, things to look
for in tool selection, etc.

If the mainstream of object usage is to be one of amassing prefabricated
from online markets for rapid assembly and specialization, this topic
may be of general interest to COOTS participants.

Which is apparently the direction Steve is going to move in. Should
be a good conference, although unfortunately I don't think I'll be able
to make it. Other FoRKers into these topics may want to make a point
of registering though.

For the record, since we're tracking the movements of folks through
the companies they work for, I've left Nortel, and we're moving
to Israel next week, where I start with IBM on Feb 16th. (My current
email address for FoRK registration - -
will remain valid).