Re: Catching up: Alan Kay, Stan Lippman, Steve Vinoski...

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Sat, 18 Jan 97 11:13:30 PST

> This is what I have against "smart guys." What did Alan Kay ever do? I
> would venture to guess not much. He was more a victim of being in the right
> place at the right time syndrom. He was nothing but a load at Apple. The
> reason that Apple is in the mess their in is having to carry "visionaries"
> that do nothing.

Darn, Rohit, looks like you missed out on the "hiring visionaries"

> For the Billion + dollars Apple spent in ten years of R&D
> what did Kay contribute?

Well, he did give a bitchin' speech about Smalltalk at HOPL II in
Cambridge, MA, in April 1993.

> I wish I could just sit around and read a bunch of books and convince
> people to pay me a ton of money. That is Kay's real talent.

I gotta learn from the master! Doh, Disney doesn't let me finger anyone
at ...


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