Catching up: Alan Kay, Stan Lippman, Steve Vinoski...

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Fri, 17 Jan 97 23:46:27 PST

I'm so behind I just got around to reading Tim's post on Nov 1...

Disney is quietly building a miniature Xerox Parc of their own - first
they got Danny Hillis, now Alan Kay. And Ron pointed out that Stan
"C++ Primer" Lippman is there, too. Shucks, talk about the mouse that
roared. Who's NeXT?

Hmmm. Searching the Web for Mr. Kay. Cool, check out

and see if this description doesn't sound like "Rohit as he wishes he

> Alan Kay's Reading List
> In response to a question for "10 or so" recommended books, Alan made
> the following response:
> "10 or so" books is tough. I read about 300 per year and have a
> library of about 10,000 nonfiction books. I wouldn't really know how
> to get it down below several hundred or so. It is still a large list
> (in the hundreds) if I limit it to nontechnical books for the general
> reader.

He then goes on to list like 200 books that really fall into nine
distinct categories that are just plain seminal works in most every
field of human knowledge. Forget meeting Alan Kay, I want to BE Alan

Of particular interest are the books Kay recommends on design:

> Christopher Alexander (any of his books)
> Notes on a Synthesis of Form
> A Pattern Language
> Grosser
> Gossamer Odyssey
> Valentino Braitenberg
> Vehicles
> W. Gray Walter
> The Living Brain
> Edward Tufte
> The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
> Visualizing Information

Shoot, of these I've only read the last two. I suck.

Oh, by the way, in Ron's response to Tim

he mentions that Stan Lippman is now at Disney, but his note indicates
Steve Vinoski is at HP. Well, Mr. Vinoski has just jumped from HP to
Iona -- seems like they too are slowly amassing an empire. (BTW, I know
this because I met him at HICSS last week. It's a small world afterall.)

Oh, and while I'm rambling, it's cool to check out which parts of feature the Apple logo now. Man, I need some sleep.


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