Looking for the best info on PDO.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Fri, 17 Jan 97 17:59:16 PST

Hello FoRK,

One of the groups in CS 141 this term is working on a project
to provide transparent access to remote objects, implemented
in Java over RMI. As part of the background research, I'd like
them to investigate the facet of NeXT's PDO that provides that

A web search yielded me the following nuggets...


presents a pretty good overview of the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep
object model from a high level viewpoint. Then,


gives me a decent overview of PDO, but isn't really anecdotal.
So we look to




which are good, ancedotal presentations of designing apps
using NeXT's distributed object techonologies. (Historical
note: The Dr Dobbs article is written by FoRK's very own Ernie
Prabhakar, who mentions Mecca as a starting point for competition
"against Taligent and Cairo in 1996 or 1997"... :)

My question to FoRK is this: do you know any other good references
that describe PDO (low level or high level, I'll take either), so
I can pass them along to the group? Thanks in advance!



I want *actual* OOFSes: *not* files with new stat() bits, *but* real,
named, filterable, convertible objects... And: everything is an object;
every object has a declarative UI; every object is secure, authenticated,
virtualizable, sharable, archivable, and alive! I want Objects in the
rearview mirror to be SMARTER than they appear!! And I want this NOW!!!
-- Rohit Khare