Date: Mon, 18 Sep 95 20:11:37 -0600

From: Bruce Gingery <>



Subject: Re: X11's rgb.txt (NeXTmail)

Reply-To: Bruce Gingery <bgingery@Wyoming.COM>

On Mon, 18 Sep 95 19:19:51 -0500, Steve Weintz <> wrote:

On another note, I'm flailing away at two projects: porting Andreas Ley's giftrans to NS and building an imagemap tool. Any help would be welcome; for instance, what should I look for to replace the X11 "rgb.txt" with?

How about with an XWindows.clr: XWindows.clr.tiff, or an enhanced version that

includes the SGI standard oddities:Composite.clr.tiff (Composite.clr)

Do you think there's enough interest for an X11 <-> .clr pair of translators

for the next NEXT IN LINE issue?


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