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Date: Tue, 7 Feb 95 12:24:19 -0700

From: Bruce Gingery <>


Subject: Icons and links (was: Re: html and htmld tiffs) (NeXTmail)


> > Also Dave, are there enough pixels to include a

> > representation of the NXHelpLink button somewhere

So long as an icon is rendered with button edges, or an imagemap with SOME kind of border, I don't see the need to include a NXHelpLink button in the icon.

On the other hand, with the NXHelpLink as an option, perhaps a standardly selected option within rendered html, the carry-over from NeXT help and other uses of NXHelpLinks (i.e. dev docs index) provides a familiar visual target for the monochrome NEXTSTEP user even if it is rendered immediately adjoining colored text.

For LIST Bullets, I'm originally was using (on-system)

smallApp.tiff -> /usr/lib/NextStep/

smallFile.tiff -> /usr/lib/NextStep/

smallFolder.tiff -> /usr/lib/NextStep/

AND... now have replaced/added..













SmallTextIcon.tiff SmallTextIcon.tiff

in addition to using some of the small .xbm's commonly available for ftp, index, menu, movie, sound, and telnet.

While a Workspace standard Icon is a good idea, flexibility in composition must remain for inline rendering of active images, whether IMG SRC or IMAP. Generally, stylistically, use of a lot of small buttons turns a serious display into a rebus, while sparse links on a long predominantly text page really benefit from an occasional iconized link.


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