Tue, 24 Jan 95 17:00:56 PST

khare (To: WebStep)


WELCOME: WebStep Developer Mailing List


Welcome to the WebStep mailing list.

We've gotten quite a few subscribers already, I'm glad to report.

Like a flight attendant checking if everyone on-board was really headed for Greensboro, though, I'll reiterate whom I think this list is aimed at:

* Developers of W3 tools

OmniWeb, Pages, SpiderWoman, eText, other document processors

* Lead Users

Help determine what features are necessary

The list assumes as a prerequisite:

* Thorough understanding of NeXTSTEP/OpenStep API & Tools

* NeXTMAIL capable addresses

However, I stress that WebStep is a completely open-membership, unmoderated

list, as appropriate to the standards process we hope to establish.

Proposals to this list should follow the guidelines of IETF Internet RFC's:

Proposed Standard -> at least two interoperable implementations -> Standard

We remind subscribers that discussion materials will be archived at:

and requests should be addressed to:


This developer list will automatically include any messages sent from



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