Date: Mon, 6 Feb 95 09:25:19 EST

From: (Dave Anderson)


Subject: html and htmld tiffs

WebSteppers -

Here's a shot at the html and htmld tiffs...

html.tiff html.tiff

htmld.tiff htmld.tiff

The basic idea - use the familiar rtf and rtfd concepts and add a miniaturized earth (net.tiff ) resulting in "world-documents" if you will. Not much new art here, just a little rearrangement of existing tiffs and some cleanup around the edges. Clearly a decidedly north american perspective is on the globe (versions of the icon could be done using eunet.tiff and asianet.tiff for those of you who'd like a different slant on things,) but when I tried doing a more international "map" approach, sort of like


but scaled down, it really lost too much resolution and just looked like a blob. smiley.tiff

Along these lines, a really good icon for a web authoring tool would be the good old Edit app icon, with the globe in the corner that would "spin" when you were dragging a file into it, or when it was "thinking," or etc.

Anyway, critique away. The html icons are hereby free for the taking.

- Dave