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Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 14:57:27 PDT

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Zhang, Yangkun let fact get in the way of a good
Democrat with:
> ***************************************************************
> ******* I took the initiative in creating the Internet. *******
> ***************************************************************

Uh uh. See, your problem is in translation. Although this sentence
avoids the troublesome word "is", it does contain other very tricky

For example: "creating". Those crackpots at Merriam-Webster define it as:
    1 : to bring into existence <God created the heaven and the earth --
    Gen 1:1 (Authorized Version)>
    2 a : to invest with a new form, office, or rank b : to
    produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior
    4 a : to produce through imaginative skill b : DESIGN
    intransitive senses : to make or bring into existence something new

Obviously, these people are full of shit. It's a heterocentric
eurocentric gawdawful crime of a restriction to say that "creating" means
only that. Any 3rd year undergrad knows that. "Creating" should (and
does in properly sensitized circles) mean also that you were interested
in the creation of or supportive of the creation of the object at hand.
It can also mean that you percieved the goodness ("grokked it fully") of
a thing once it came into being.

"Took the initiative" is another one of those slippery phrases. Even more
complex. Those previously discredited crackpots say:
1 : an introductory step <took the initiative in attempting to settle the
Which only a neanderthal-leaning right-wing homo habilis that was mad
with syphilis would accept. Obviously an enlightened an open soul knows
that it's not just "an introductory step", because that connotates an act
of "creation"... another dangerously white concept we discussed before.
By taking the initiative, Gore could have meant that he was almost close
to being one of the first tentative supporters of an agency related to
the eventual formation of the collaborative beauty we know as the
internet. Asshole.

It's jackasses like you that cause people to misinterpret Gore's ovarial
work, "Earth in the Balance". Undertanding is beyond your kind. Why
don't you get your head out of your meat-constipated bowels and start
thinking (!) about a more balanced, productive, gaia-friendly existence.
Or die, whichever comes first.

If you'll excuse me, it's been a long day, I've been taking the
initiative in creating the transistor all day and it's just about worn me
out. I'm going to go take the initiative in creating the power-nap and
the peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, along with the barcalounger and the

(smileys suppressed by my Thought Consultant)
> I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that
> have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and
> environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.

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