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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 15:08:06 PDT

"Zhang, Yangkun" wrote:

> What's wrong with Bush? I'm convinced that if we elect him--he'll probably
> just sit in the White House and do nothing--which is a lot better than
> having someone in there to screw things up. All I want is a president who
> sits on his ass, screws the intern, and not bomb another country when others
> find out--is that too much to ask?

Actually, that's ideal. Unf., I fear that Bush is the old cold warriors' and
right wing's designated golden boy, I imagine that they're all going to run
roughshod over him, pushing ahead policies and agendas that I don't agree with.

> I'd vote Libertarian


> (Listen to this Talk of the Nation interview w/ Harry Browne)
> but then I'd be throwing away my vote.

There's no such thing.

> Better to make sure Gore does NOT get
> into office. The last thing we need is a nationalized health care system, a
> nationalized pharmaceutical industry, more unions who impede progress, and
> lawyers who sues companies the minute their quarterly earnings comes out
> being one cent short!

Were we separated at birth?

> Bush may not be smart, but Cheney's performance as the head of HAL is
> commendable--especially keeping the stock afloat in 1999 during the oil
> glut...

I just don't trust the guy.

> As for Nader--he's a damned lawyer, and an ANTI-CONSUMER one at that. I'm
> still pissed at him over screwing Prop 103--re: auto insurance reform.

Yeah, fuck Nader. What a prick. It great to be all pro-environment and all,
but jesus, why would anyone even with green leanings actually vote for that

> As for Buchanan--um... the word fascist comes to mind...

Yeah, but would the trains run on time? ;-)


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