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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 15:29:23 PDT


I'm not really clear who you're firing at JTS, but GREAT rant! Bonus points on
general TomWhoreishness, also kudos for use of the term "jackass." :-) This is
so much fun, let me just step into the line of fire, here.

> Which only a neanderthal-leaning right-wing homo habilis that was mad
> with syphilis would accept.

I find this incredibly offensive. (Ahem. ;-) What do you have against
neanderthals? They're people, too. Next thing you know you're going to be
dissing the bonobos.

> Obviously an enlightened an open soul knows
> that it's not just "an introductory step", because that connotates an act
> of "creation"... another dangerously white concept we discussed before.

No, actually, I think that was "procreation," or "pro-creation." Though I
guess Gore is a pro, so maybe that works.

> By taking the initiative, Gore could have meant that he was almost close
> to being one of the first tentative supporters of an agency related to
> the eventual formation of the collaborative beauty we know as the
> internet. Asshole.

Yeah. Wait. Who? ;-)

> It's jackasses like you that cause people to misinterpret Gore's ovarial
> work, "Earth in the Balance". Undertanding is beyond your kind. Why
> don't you get your head out of your meat-constipated bowels and start
> thinking (!) about a more balanced, productive, gaia-friendly existence.
> Or die, whichever comes first.

Operative term being "ovarial." I read that as "a product of the usually
paired female or hermaphroditic reproductive organ that produces ova and, in
vertebrates, estrogen and progesterone." Nice one. As for meat, didn't we
already decide yesterday that non-omnivores were generally pussies put here for
the rest of us to eat? ;-)

> If you'll excuse me, it's been a long day, I've been taking the
> initiative in creating the transistor all day and it's just about worn me
> out. I'm going to go take the initiative in creating the power-nap and
> the peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, along with the barcalounger and the
> Olympics.

Hell yeah! I've been taking the initiative all day in creating the C++
programming language so that I can create the Windows CE operating system for
*no good reason whatsoever.* (I am in hell, I am in hell, I am in hell... I
couldn't feel worse about myself if I was turning tricks on the corner.) I'm
with you on the long day, bro. I'm now going to go take the initiative in
creating heroin to shoot in my eyeball to try to repair the braindamage done by
the aforementioned syphilis. Later tonite, I plan to continue my reign of
terror in my newly-invented subgame, "SimSerialKiller." Still later, lingerie




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