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From: Zhang, Yangkun (Yangkun.Zhang@FMR.COM)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 14:47:30 PDT

What's wrong with Bush? I'm convinced that if we elect him--he'll probably
just sit in the White House and do nothing--which is a lot better than
having someone in there to screw things up. All I want is a president who
sits on his ass, screws the intern, and not bomb another country when others
find out--is that too much to ask?

I'd vote Libertarian

(Listen to this Talk of the Nation interview w/ Harry Browne)

but then I'd be throwing away my vote. Better to make sure Gore does NOT get
into office. The last thing we need is a nationalized health care system, a
nationalized pharmaceutical industry, more unions who impede progress, and
lawyers who sues companies the minute their quarterly earnings comes out
being one cent short!

Bush may not be smart, but Cheney's performance as the head of HAL is
commendable--especially keeping the stock afloat in 1999 during the oil

As for Nader--he's a damned lawyer, and an ANTI-CONSUMER one at that. I'm
still pissed at him over screwing Prop 103--re: auto insurance reform.

As for Buchanan--um... the word fascist comes to mind...

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"Meltsner, Kenneth" wrote:

> Does he exaggerate his role as the lead political proponent of the
> "commercial traffic OK" Internet? That's another question, but I think he
> has a decent case for that.

While that's all true, politics is a game of words and impressions. On the
basis of picking the right words and setting the right impressions -wrt- his
(granted) leadership in moving the Internet to a commercial entity through
policy shifting... well, on that basis, he *loses.*

Do you really want a leader whose job is words and impressions who generates
this much flak from a single, incredibly poorly-chosen statement?

Note: I'm not advocating Bush. Bush is even worse. I'm beginning to
he's borderline retarded, Yale education notwithstanding. (All that proves
that dollars and influence can buy a sheepskin.) He needs to listen to some
"subliminable" tapes on how to not put your foot in your mouth.



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