Ralph Nader Is a Big Fat Idiot

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From: Zhang, Yangkun (Yangkun.Zhang@FMR.COM)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 14:55:55 PDT

That should have read Prop 200, the "no-fault" initiative, not 103. :-)
103 was the anti-market prop that Nader supported. (What did you expect from
a lawyer?)

Note that Nader (rather, his boy Harvey Rosenfield) also fought

Prop 201, the "strike suit" initiative. This was to discourage ill-founded
securities suits (while allowing the real ones to proceed). It's a racket
that's been plaguing high-tech companies in particular.

Prop 202, the "contingent fee" initiative. This would have kept a lawyer
from taking more than 15 percent in cases where the initial "demand letter"
resulted in a quick settlement. The goal: to leave more money in the
victim's pocket -- and encourage settlements.

> As for Nader--he's a damned lawyer, and an ANTI-CONSUMER one at that. I'm
still pissed at > him over screwing Prop 103--re: auto insurance reform.

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