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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 21:14:22 PDT

> > Wouldn't take much.
> That's obvious. LOL. I'm just kiddin, Jeff, I hang out on IRC, so you'll
> have to excuse my tom/tim-like behaviour. (:

I have no problem with that. You took the "better ways of making slave-friends" thing like a real
trooper. It's all shits and giggles at this level of thread-degeneration/depth. :-)

> I'm not trying to sell you. God forbid that someone who hates kids should
> have any. (:

One more time for the record. Love 'em. Decant 'em at age 8. Somebody show me the "Rent-a-Kid" business
plan, I'll fund it.

> Not as rewarding. I've been both places, and love them both, but seeing
> her do well is a better feeling.

I bet your therapist has fun with that one...

> Uhm, flinging shit against the walls is not the type of struggling and
> rebelling I'm talking about. Maybe you've been watching too much
> wrestling.

You know, I never have watched wrestling, but just the other night I was telling myself how I needed to
start watching it. :-)

> THIS kind of friend ... can't be synthesized in the future like some
> sort of Hal.

Hmmm, wanna bet? Where's Eli? Eli? He should have something to say about this! But for what its worth,
Eli or not, I actually think the definition of "human being" gets much larger in the not-too-distant
future, and I believe that we'll be synthesizing just exactly those kinds of friends right and left.

> Maybe that's it. You don't believe in magic. (:

Now I'm confused. If what I just described isn't magic, what is? AC Clarke, "sufficiently advanced
technology" yada yada yada...

> Eh? What does symbiotic relationships have to do with E coli? (:

Weeellllll, we've all got some living in our intestines, and we can't do without it, and it can't do
without us, so that's symbiotic, right?

> I hope so. I wish it on you like a curse. LOL

Yeah, you and my Mom. :-P Jesus. You're all about "sharing the joy." "Oh, really, no, it'll be lots of
fun, you'll see." About as much fun as having hot pokers shoved into your... well, never mind. That
might be fun. ;-)

> Havin lots of fun,

Likewise, always. :-)

> Cindy
> >
> > ;-)
> >


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