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Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 22:33:57 PDT


 "A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity."
          -- Robert Frost

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

> > > Wouldn't take much.
> >
> > That's obvious. LOL. I'm just kiddin, Jeff, I hang out on IRC, so you'll
> > have to excuse my tom/tim-like behaviour. (:
> I have no problem with that. You took the "better ways of making slave-friends" thing like a real
> trooper. It's all shits and giggles at this level of thread-degeneration/depth. :-)

hell yeh, I'm ridin it like a stallion till it's OVAH! (:

> > I'm not trying to sell you. God forbid that someone who hates kids should
> > have any. (:
> One more time for the record. Love 'em. Decant 'em at age 8. Somebody show me the "Rent-a-Kid" business
> plan, I'll fund it.

Like S said, you'd be the perfect hubby for a mom with a young child.

> > Not as rewarding. I've been both places, and love them both, but seeing
> > her do well is a better feeling.
> I bet your therapist has fun with that one...

I have no therapist anymore. Let me correct that. My therapist is you.
It's the internet. I vent any and all of everything here, on maillists,
IRC, the web, doesn't matter to me. It's all about talking it out. But
yes, I have lots of fun with that one. (: Imagine, having good feelings
about what I am AND what someone else is. (:

> > Uhm, flinging shit against the walls is not the type of struggling and
> > rebelling I'm talking about. Maybe you've been watching too much
> > wrestling.
> You know, I never have watched wrestling, but just the other night I was telling myself how I needed to
> start watching it. :-)

You really should. It's the male equivalent of Days of Our Lives. I saw
a snippet the other day, started out as a wedding, then she told the poor
dude that the baby she was expecting wasn't his after all. No vows taken
that day, but he chased her, so I turned the channel. (:

> > THIS kind of friend ... can't be synthesized in the future like some
> > sort of Hal.
> Hmmm, wanna bet? Where's Eli? Eli? He should have something to say about this! But for what its worth,
> Eli or not, I actually think the definition of "human being" gets much larger in the not-too-distant
> future, and I believe that we'll be synthesizing just exactly those kinds of friends right and left.

Yeh, I wanna bet. Eli is an idiot. (: However, I agree that the
definition of "human being" keeps getting larger. It always has, alwasy
will. How could it not? Aren't we evolving? -sneaky grin-

> > Maybe that's it. You don't believe in magic. (:
> >
> Now I'm confused. If what I just described isn't magic, what is? AC Clarke, "sufficiently advanced
> technology" yada yada yada...

Magic is surprise due to lack of faith. There.

> > Eh? What does symbiotic relationships have to do with E coli? (:
> >
> Weeellllll, we've all got some living in our intestines, and we can't do without it, and it can't do
> without us, so that's symbiotic, right?

Uhm, yeh, but my kid never lived in my intestines. I think you're
confused. (:

> > I hope so. I wish it on you like a curse. LOL
> Yeah, you and my Mom. :-P Jesus. You're all about "sharing the joy." "Oh, really, no, it'll be lots of
> fun, you'll see." About as much fun as having hot pokers shoved into your... well, never mind. That
> might be fun. ;-)

Yeh, all moms wish children on other people. Especially male people.

> > Havin lots of fun,
> Likewise, always. :-)

And still....
> >
> > Cindy
> > >
> > > ;-)
> > >
> jb

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