Re: ooh, poopy me fly go make WHEEE! was Re: On to kids....

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 22:37:59 PDT

> I have no therapist anymore. Let me correct that. My therapist is you.

Understood. You will be receiving the bill shortly. Please make all checks payable to the Tim Byars Memorial
Fund for the Proctologically Impaired.

> You really should. It's the male equivalent of Days of Our Lives.

Well, there's a recommendation. ;-)

> Yeh, I wanna bet. Eli is an idiot.

Hey now. After ripping him a new asshole a few weeks back, we achieved handshake. He's not an idiot, he just
uses a different protocol than the rest of us.

> Uhm, yeh, but my kid never lived in my intestines. I think you're
> confused. (:

Mom and child are connected at some point? I'm working without a net, here. Like I would know, I'm a *man.*



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