Re: The 120,000 mile ticket

Ron Resnick (
Fri, 22 May 1998 11:00:52 -0400

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CobraBoy wrote:

> This has gone on with Netscape for a while. I believe Keith D. first
> pointed this out. Mozilla assumes the http://www and .com after you type in
> a name. So you just have to type in Apple, or Ford, or Microsoft etc.
> A couple of other interesting things that it will do.
> If there is no .com it will find a .net or .org. Although I don't know in
> which order it looks.
> If you type something with an "and" (without the quotes) it goes to a
> search engine. I was trying to go to "Road and Track" magazine. So I typed
> roadandtrack and it launched a search engine.
> Missy also does this in some sort of way although not as smoothly as
> Mozilla. (what else is new...)
> Tim

Um, actually Tim, that's not what I had in mind. I'm
aware of browser url expansion capabilities. What you suggest
is what I was *expecting* to happen when I typed 'yahoo'.
Instead, I got the attached html file (apologies to those
who hate html attachments..), including appropriate gifs
for redhat and apache, where you will probably see holes.

I think what's going on is a local within-Israel ISP/DNS issue,
seen by me but
unlikely to be seen by any of you - thanks Joachim for
putting my suspicions in that direction.
My DNS server here, being Israeli, appears to expand
"yahoo" to "" in preference to "" first.
So when I type "ping yahoo", that's where it resolves.
appears to be a local web services provider ripping off the
desired name.

When I type "" in my browser, it fetches their standard
index.html home page. But "yahoo" alone brings up the attached.

Not that interesting, really. Now that I know it's just a weird
local effect, I'd never have troubled you all with this, only I couldn't
be one-upped by Tim, now, could I :-). Just joshin' ya Tim.
Thanks for the sincere attempt at help, anyway - it's appreciated.


Oh, and Rohit, AC doesn't fly Copenhagen-Toronto either, so
you'll have to work a bit harder on this. Maybe overland - eg train-
Copenhagen to Paris, to pick up AC? Or maybe train Frankfurt-
Copenhagen, then SAS to LHR, then AC LHR-YYZ? Whatever :-). Get
the gig first! (If you & Adam want a gig in Chicago in November
to strut your stuff, let me know. Periodic repeat appearances at
other venues possible as well.)

And that Star Alliance quiz only applies to you United types. I'm a
Star Alliance oriented guy too, what with my AC Aeroplan, and my
Varig trips to Brazil, but the contest doesn't apply to non-US
rejects like me :-(.
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