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Fri, 22 May 1998 07:07:52 -0700

At 12:16 AM -0700 5/22/98, Ron Resnick came up with this:

> On another topic, can FoRKers confirm this, and possibly explain
> to me what is going on?
> Type "yahoo", just like that, no "www", no ".com",
> in your browser address pane.
> See where it takes you. At first I thought this was a
> Netscape easter egg built into the browser itself (Communicator 4.04).
> But then I tried it in IE (3.02) with the same result.
> It seems to actually be going out to resolve. What kind of DNS
> resolution is that?? Particularly with the strange html it pulls up?

This has gone on with Netscape for a while. I believe Keith D. first
pointed this out. Mozilla assumes the http://www and .com after you type in
a name. So you just have to type in Apple, or Ford, or Microsoft etc.

A couple of other interesting things that it will do.

If there is no .com it will find a .net or .org. Although I don't know in
which order it looks.

If you type something with an "and" (without the quotes) it goes to a
search engine. I was trying to go to "Road and Track" magazine. So I typed
roadandtrack and it launched a search engine.

Missy also does this in some sort of way although not as smoothly as
Mozilla. (what else is new...)



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