Re: The 120,000 mile ticket

Sally Khudairi (
Fri, 22 May 1998 19:31:42 -0400

Sounds like it's solely going the .com route.

"w3" brought up, those folks in Mountain View ...

> W3.COM's mission is to help web sites
> owners improve their website's productivity and return-on-investment

And hey! They removed their *we support W3C* link for those who were lost and
confused when arriving at the wrong site.

Devil DNS resolution I tell you!

- SK

Lisa Dusseault (Exchange) wrote:
> Try typing "netscape" or "microsoft" or "lucent". I'm testing this with IE
> 4.0, and they all pull up some kind of site.
> Other words which work (words chosen by train of thought):
> "economist" pulls up (oddly enough, not the magazine)
> "washington" pulls up an empty site
> "motherhood" gives
> "yale" gives, industrial trucks company
> "quilt" brings up, quilting information site (surprise)
> "me" brings up, an online chat/conference company
> "rohit" brings up, empty site
> "seattle" brings up, a seattle guide
> "satan" brings you to the "Slate Arthropodic Technical Analytical Numbering
> Server"
> "foo" brings up, which says "The domain name that has brought
> you here is currently not in use. "
> "waterloo" brings up "Waterloo Consulting"
> "Canada" brings up, which seems to have a search engine, news
> articles, weather, comics
> "USA" brings up another kind of find-things site
> "woman" does, which has material on youth & violence
> Some words I can't test right now because they bring up microsoft internal
> web servers.
> Lisa
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> On another topic, can FoRKers confirm this, and possibly explain
> to me what is going on?
> Type "yahoo", just like that, no "www", no ".com",
> in your browser address pane.
> See where it takes you. At first I thought this was a
> Netscape easter egg built into the browser itself (Communicator 4.04).
> But then I tried it in IE (3.02) with the same result.
> It seems to actually be going out to resolve. What kind of DNS
> resolution is that?? Particularly with the strange html it pulls up?