The 120,000 mile ticket

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 21 May 1998 14:25:41 -0700

There's a promo on. Star Alliance first anniversary. Go to,
answer (d) and register away. Do nothing else, and you get 250 miles.

Instead, if you fly United and any two other Star carriers between September
15 and November 15, you get 10,000 bonus miles.

Separately, fly on K of N Star carriers and receive:
3 5,000
4 15,000
5 25,000
6 50,000

Now, what sucks is that there's weddings in paris and new york just before
September 15, and my parent's anniversary in baltimore the week after November
15. So it would have to be a totally made up itinerary. But here goes: if
anyone needs a little overseas consulting, Adam and I are up for it.

Round-the-world ticket, economy: $2500
Purchase on first card, triple miles: 7,500 miles
Good for 25,000 miles of travel: 25,000 miles
Premier Exec bonus: 25,000 miles
Star alliance bonus: 50,000 miles
Web site bonus: 10,000 miles
TOTAL: 117,500

Net dollar cost of trip: $150

United to Vancouver
Air Canada to Tokyo
Thai to Delhi (via BKK)
Lufthansa from Bombay
SAS to New York

-> too much mileage. Need straighter route

Varig to Tokyo
Thai to Delhi
SAS to Copenhagen
AC to Toronto
UA through USA

Just about right. Using LH *and* SK is the hard part. We can use Varig either
LA-NRT or HKG-BKK (going to Brazil is a more expensive "southern hemisphere"
RTW ticket).

FoRK world tour, anyone?