Re: The 120,000 mile ticket

Ron Resnick (
Fri, 22 May 1998 03:16:46 -0400

Rohit Khare wrote:

> United to Vancouver
> Air Canada to Tokyo

Not very likely. AC flies to Seoul, Hong Kong and Osaka.
But no Tokyo, presumably due to Narita restrictions.
However, AC *does*, effective in June, have 7 daily nonstops
Tel Aviv-Canada, five to Toronto and 2 to Montreal. Undoubtedly
the best way in and out of this little sandtrap. Trouble is
AC cancelled its Toronto-Cincinnati service, so now I'm stuck
with flying YYZ-CMH (Columbus) and driving from there. Doing
that June 2nd.

On another topic, can FoRKers confirm this, and possibly explain
to me what is going on?
Type "yahoo", just like that, no "www", no ".com",
in your browser address pane.
See where it takes you. At first I thought this was a
Netscape easter egg built into the browser itself (Communicator 4.04).
But then I tried it in IE (3.02) with the same result.
It seems to actually be going out to resolve. What kind of DNS
resolution is that?? Particularly with the strange html it pulls up?