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Wierd fact of the day: Canadian Mountain Dew has no caffeine. It was the
favourite drink of my fiance until he came here as an intern. Within a week
he was totally buzzed, unable to focus, distracted by everything, couldn't
sleep soundly. Then he realized the caffeine content and went cold turkey.

The same thing happened when friends left us a delicious bitter chocolate
truffle cake. Eric had a piece every night for a week. When he realized he
was going wacky, he stopped. Later, when we mentioned this to the friends,
they replied "Oh, you mean the chocolate ESPRESSO truffle torte?"

That boy can't handle caffeine! He should obviously sue Pepsi.


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Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Pepsi-Cola is being investigated to determine
> whether or not levels were manipulated in various
> carbonated soft-drinks products and whether or not
> high-action, high-profile ads are targeting children.

Why don't they say it: Mountain Dew.
Did the initiative for this come from Coke? I guess they lost marketshare.
How can you manipulate something that is artificial in the first place? Is
manipulation when Coca Cola comes up with a new formula for Coke?
Now that the tobacco fight is basically over, the watch groups need some new
Welcome back to prohibition. Do we get Mountain Dew smugglers now?