Re: Controlled substances

Greg Norton (
Thu, 21 May 1998 13:43:20 -0600

It's a power grab. No one is foolish enough to make a bald grab for power,
not even Hitler or Marcos. First you find a crisis that must be solved,
then ask for the power to solve it. Ever noticed that everything the
Clinton administration pays attention to is called a "Crisis"?

It's not about caffeine or nicotene; it's not even about poverty or racism
or health care- it's about power.

At 11:40 AM 5/21/98 -0700, Joachim Feise wrote:
>Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>> Pepsi-Cola is being investigated to determine
>> whether or not levels were manipulated in various
>> carbonated soft-drinks products and whether or not
>> high-action, high-profile ads are targeting children.
>Why don't they say it: Mountain Dew.
>Did the initiative for this come from Coke? I guess they lost marketshare.
>How can you manipulate something that is artificial in the first place? Is it
>manipulation when Coca Cola comes up with a new formula for Coke?
>Now that the tobacco fight is basically over, the watch groups need some new
>Welcome back to prohibition. Do we get Mountain Dew smugglers now?