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Try typing "netscape" or "microsoft" or "lucent". I'm testing this with IE
4.0, and they all pull up some kind of site.

Other words which work (words chosen by train of thought):
"economist" pulls up (oddly enough, not the magazine)
"washington" pulls up an empty site
"motherhood" gives
"yale" gives, industrial trucks company
"quilt" brings up, quilting information site (surprise)
"me" brings up, an online chat/conference company
"rohit" brings up, empty site
"seattle" brings up, a seattle guide
"satan" brings you to the "Slate Arthropodic Technical Analytical Numbering
"foo" brings up, which says "The domain name that has brought
you here is currently not in use. "
"waterloo" brings up "Waterloo Consulting"
"Canada" brings up, which seems to have a search engine, news
articles, weather, comics
"USA" brings up another kind of find-things site
"woman" does, which has material on youth & violence

Some words I can't test right now because they bring up microsoft internal
web servers.


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On another topic, can FoRKers confirm this, and possibly explain
to me what is going on?
Type "yahoo", just like that, no "www", no ".com",
in your browser address pane.
See where it takes you. At first I thought this was a
Netscape easter egg built into the browser itself (Communicator 4.04).
But then I tried it in IE (3.02) with the same result.
It seems to actually be going out to resolve. What kind of DNS
resolution is that?? Particularly with the strange html it pulls up?