Re: Internet Messaging Frameworks (was "Nothing"!)
Fri, 22 May 1998 14:49:44 -0500 (EST)

>From: IN%"" "Rohit Khare" 21-MAY-1998 22:56:40.72
>To: IN%"" "''"
>[The original has some nice charts and graphs of how email standards fit
>together. A nice all-round reference to mail transport and up-to-date.
>Internet Messaging Frameworks
>by J. von Kanel <vonkaaut.html>, J. S. Givler <vonkaaut.html>, B. Leiba
><vonkaaut.html>, and W. Segmuller <vonkaaut.html>

A rather dull day on the reference desk allows me to take a moment to point out
that Mr. Khare himself has broken the First Commandment of FoRK posting:

Commandment 1 : Thou shalt use a meaningful subject line....

Indeed, not only was the subject line of said post not meaningful, it was
entirely non-existent! Oh, what a day it is when the Master of the List breaks
his own first commandment!

Some on this list may view my taking the effort of pointing out this error to
be somewhat petty and I would most likely agree with you on this point.
However, having caught Rohit red-handed in breaking a FoRK commandment I could
not pass up the opportunity to officially enter his mistake into the archive
for all of eternity.

As well, it was several weeks ago when I -- as a newbie to FoRK -- posted some
Haiku and got my comeuppance from several FoRKer's (including Rohit himself)
all on the basis that I had broken these precious posting commandments. Well,
what goes around comes around... ah... sweet revenge at last! ;-)

Rohit's closing words to me in his April 9th Posting entitled "On FoRK's
Anti-206 stance" warned me of the importance of following his commandments when
he said:

>But obey mine commandments, for I am a cruel God only so amused by my subjects

My closing words to Rohit today are: Those who live by the sword, die by the
sword... interpretation: those who write commandments for other to follow
should lead by example or else be prepared to be subjected to public ridicule.

The Diva