Rohit Khare: Technology Résumé


Software Architecture

: I believe deeply that there is an æsthetic, higher-order approach to the design of informational and computational structure that is as far abstracted from `software engineering' as real Architecture is from carpentry.

Educational Background


: BS Economics, BS Engineering & Applied Science, with honors (3.7).



: Advanced courses in System Programing & Econometrics.




: Micro- and Macroeconomics.

Programming Skills:

Fluent in several languages, notably C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal, LISP, Scheme, Renderman, and PostScript. Broad familiarity with UNIX environ-ments: scripting languages, POSIX compatibility, Internet standards & tools. Research in distributed-object technology: DCE, CORBA, SOM, COM, OLE, and OpenDoc.

Technology Projects

eText/Archetypes Project

: Architected the eText Engine, a hypermedia compound-document engine, to support the creation of an `electronic textbook' for teaching Archetypes, a parallel software design methodolgy. Implementation included a 60-class document management framework, object-oriented filesystem, 25k lines of Objective-C, and extensive user interface design with InterfaceBuilder. Project management included publications and several presentations, progress reports, and user documentation.


Designed and implemented a public-key cryptography tool for multi-media documents, especially in NeXTMAIL format. Created feature & project spec-ifica-tions, POSIX libraries for encryption, key-management, and authentication, and a complete user interface. Project goals included tight integration with NeXTSTEP services.


Designed a complete connectivity architecture for single users and small networks, integrating user interfaces and management for SLIP, UUCP, [XYZ]Modem, and UNIX logins. Implemented a C toolkit based on Tcl for emulating file-transfer over shell links, scriptable remote control, and an intelligent Internet email filter.


: Freelanced for IDG and NeXTWORLD. Reviews, news, and profiles.


: Continuing Caltech research on parallel algorithms for coloring planar graphs.



: Member of the Association for Computing Machinery, SIGLINK & SIGCHI.


: President of the Caltech and JPL Users of NeXTSTEP, also a founder of nügi, NeXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups International, and organizer of SCaN.

Entrepreneur Club:

Develops student and faculty entrepreneurship by sposoring speakers and other events. Also participated in various Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forums, Caltech Management Association, and Industrial Relations Center courses.

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