Rohit Khare: Résumé


Software Architecture: I believe deeply that there is an æsthetic, higher-order approach to the design of informational and computational structure that is as far abstracted from `software engineering' as real Architecture is from carpentry.

Goal: To find a place within an organization that has the vision to solve real problems the right way with the right people. Whether in information technology, management, or manufacturing, these are universal signs of challenging work in a supportive environment.

Educational Background

Caltech: BS Economics, BS Engineering & Applied Science, with honors (3.7).

Centennial High School: Four years of French, extensive Journalism & Design.

Harvard University: Advanced courses in System Programing & Econometrics.

Towson State University: Micro- and Macroeconomics.

Professional Background

eText/Archetypes Project: Architected the eText Engine, a hypermedia compound-document engine, to support the creation of an `electronic textbook' for teaching Archetypes, a parallel software design methodolgy. Project management, leadership, several papers and talks.

Newswriting: Freelanced for IDG and NeXTWORLD. Reviews, news, and profiles.

Software Ventures: Developed Confidant, a commercial encryption and document authentication tool. Co-developed Communicator, a unique solution to UNIX connectivity.

SURF Fellow: Continued my senior thesis project at Caltech on parallel algorithms for coloring planar graphs. Research was recognized by Navy, AT&T, and other awards.

Document Control Officer & System Manager: Envirosystems, Inc. Maintained sample tracking documents, office management, custom software, and chemical analysis.

Assistant System Manager: Harvard University Chemistry Department. UNIX netwrok administration, installation, and backup. Designed network security systems.

Computer Skills: C (Mac and UNIX), Objective-C (under NeXTStep), Pascal, LISP, PostScript, Renderman, InterfaceBuilder and Mathematica are only the tip of the iceberg.


ACM: Member of the Association for Computing Machinery, SIGLINK & SIGCHI.

CaJUN: President of the Caltech and JPL Users of NeXTSTEP, also a founder of nügi, NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups International, and organizer of SCaN.

Entrepreneur Club: Encourages development of student and faculty entrepreneurship by sposoring speakers and other events. Also participated in various Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forums, Caltech Management Association, and Industrial Relations Center courses.

National Merit Finalist, Science Distinguished Achievement, Who's Who.

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