Rohit Khare: Curriculum Vitæ


* Born November 25, 1974 in Ithaca, NY.

* 617/491-5030; 9 Hamlin St, Cambridge MA, 02141.

* or


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


* Special Graduate Student in Course VI, Comp. Sci.

* 6.826 Distributed Systems (A), 6.852 Principles of Computer Systems

California Institute of Technology


* Dual Major: BS degrees in Economics and Engineering & Applied Science.

* Overall GPA: 3.7 (honors graduate).

Caltech Industrial Relations Center


* YMCA student leadership workshop, Managing High-Performance Teams, Strategic Alliances, etc.

* Entrepreneur Club & Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum.

Centennial High School


* AP Computer Science, Physics, Calculus BC, English, Chemistry, & American History; 4 years of French.

* Editor-in-Chief of an award-winning newspaper; founded a newsmagazine with Apple & Gannett.

* National Honor Society, National Merit Scholar, Maryland State Francis Scott Key Scholar.

Harvard University

Summer 1990

* Systems Programming (A-) and Econometrics(A-).

Towson State University

Spring 1987, 1988

* Micro-, Macroeconomics (A); JHU CTY Scholarship.


Web Consortium/MIT


* Web Security, Payments, and Demographics.

* PEP, a specification for extending HTTP.

* Allied research into next-generation object protocols.

Rohit Khare Software


* Consulting services & software testing.

* Confidant, a workgroup encryption utility.

* Communicator, user-level Internet connectivity.

NeXTWORLD Magazine


* International user community profiles & features.

* Hints & Tips; reviews; conference reports; news.

Harvard University Chemistry Dept.

Summer 1990

* UNIX sysadmin duties; network security; upgrades.

Envirosystems, Inc.


* Corporate & financial management and planning.

* Systems programming, administration, & strategy.

* Recordkeeping, report production; wet chemistry.


Caltech Archetypes Project


* Helped inaugurate the Archetypes program, which seeks to codify patterns of parallel and distributed software development. The primary focus has been an ``electronic textbook'' for teaching this concept to Caltech students & practitioners in the field.

* The eText Engine is a WYSIWYG hypermedia compound document editor that can embed arbitrary objects and automatically articulate documents into HTML, LaTeX, RTF, Ascii markup, and other formats. eText is more an OO document framework than an application; it includes an OO filesystem, extensible kernel services (e.g. navigation, preferences, agents), and an inspectorbased UI. eText's document microkernel can support other doc types (e.g. drawings).

* Helped organize and participated in several associated CRPC minority and K-12 outreach programs.

Explorations in 4-Coloring

Summer 1992

* Caltech SURF fellowship in Mathematics; parallel coloring algorithms. Research interest since 1986.

Publications, Presentations, & Meetings


* Notes on eText have been published in the SigLink bulletin, SigCSE '94, and Caltech TRs; several more papers have been submitted (USENIX, European Conference on Hypermedia Technology '94).

* Presented at Hypertext '93, Dartmouth, NII Summer Institute at Los Alamos, DOE Computational Science (CSEP) Educators' Workshop at Cornell/Oak Ridge.

* Student Volunteer or sponsored participant at two dozen academic meetings & trade shows: Multimedia, Siggraph `93, Neural Networks & Capital Markets '94, User Interface Strategies & Technologies '94, etc.


Assoc. for Computing Machinery


* Caltech ACM Programming Contest team, 3rd place

* SigLink, SigChi, and Los Angeles ACM member.

NeXT User Groups


* Involved in many UGs: President of Caltech's (CaJUN), officer of Southern California's (SCaN), and founding member, represenative, webmaster for nügi, NeXTSTEP/OpenStep Users Group International.

Microsoft Technical Scholarship

1993, 1994

* Caltech finalist; selections made by CS department.

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