Software Development

A sampler of my professional development experience. This is a subset of technologies I've used extensively.

Programming Languages

* C, Objective-C, C++, CC++, Multicomputer C

* Pascal, Concurrent Pascal, Object Pascal, Oberon

* LISP, Scheme, Hope, PCN

* PostScript, Display PostScript, RenderMan

* csh, awk, Tcl, Perl, etc.

Operating Systems

* SunOS, Solaris, Mach, Linux

* POSIX/Spec 1170 standards

* Macintosh (MacApp, OpenDoc)

* Windows (Win32, OLE)



* ApplicationKit, 3DKit, IndexingKit

* FoundationKit, Enterprise Objects Framework

* Distributed Objects, CORBA interoperability

Software Systems


* Servers: CERN, NCSA, MacHTTP

* Tools: libWWW, HTML specs, research work

* Extensions: CGI, W3Kit, forms


* Communicator, a POSIX-compliant remote control facility for implementing email connectivity, scripting, and file transfer.

* Confidant, a DES and RSA based NeXTSTEP encryption utility for email, multimedia documents, and files.

* eText, an extensible OO hypermedia document kernel that provides a WYSYWIG interface to several formats, including RTF, TeX, and HTML.

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