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nügi Dissolved 3/96

PASADENA, CA - In a move that many consider long overdue, but was greeted with sadness nonetheless, NeXTSTEP/OpenStep Users Groups International (nugi) announced that it was formally disbanding. The assets will be transferred to other elements of the NeXT community, but the structure and logo will be retired. This follows the announcement from NeXT Software (formerly NeXT Computer) that it was replacing the NEXTSTEP name with the more generic "OpenStep for Mach."

As promised, nügi issued a Final Report on nugiCoNN'95:

Former President Ernie Prabhakar composed a memorial dirge, ``The Day that NeXTstep Died''.


nügiCoNN'95 was held in San Francisco Aug 13-17th, 1995:

What was nügi?

NeXTSTEP/OpenStep USER GROUPS INTERNATIONAL (nügi) was an independent organization whose mission was to increase the effectiveness of individual NEXTSTEP/OpenStep User Groups by channeling information and resources among groups. It was founded in August, 1994,and formally announced in October of 1994. Its signal accomplishments were conferences held at NeXTSTEP Expo'94 and ObjectWorld/SF'95. In the wake of the transition from NeXTSTEP to OpenStep, nügi disbanded in March 1996.

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