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You can find out more about me in the RoZone. You can also find out how to become a true Friend of Rohit Khare [the FoRK mailing list].

Continuing my bicoastal pendulation, I'm back in LA after stints at MCI Internet Architecture and the MIT-based World Wide Web Consortium in Cambridge. Before that, I was at Caltech; now I'm a PhD student at UC Irvine. I'm planning on working on a new-generation replacement for HTTP.

I'm still active in the NeXTSTEP community, in California, Boston, and internationally.

I still maintain the eText Engine hypermedia authoring system. In fact, XeNT's Lair is entirely built by it.

I still maintain the WebStep development list, but there hasn't been any traffic in a while.

If you're in a hurry, the most valuable page in XeNT's Lair is probably my LinkBase. If you just want the facts, a slightly out of date Curriculum Vitae is available.

-- Rohit Khare, rohit@uci.edu


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