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What's an Archetype?

We think that there are certain patterns that recur very often in scientific computing, such as divide-and-conquer, mesh methods, spectral analysis, &c. An Archetype is a way of presenting and reasoning about these classes that unifies sequential, parallel, and distributed approaches to the problem.

This draft paper by Dr. K. Mani Chandy is good introduction: Caption


The Archetypes eBook

The primary goal of the Caltech Archetype Project is to create and manage an repository of Archetypes and appliations, suitable for reference and educational use. Individual Archetypes begin as draft reports and develop over time into full-fledged Chapters of our `electronic book', all integrated into a standardized editorial framework.

The Archetypes eBook is also designed to take full advantage of hypermedia and multimedia as a training tool, so many chapters include extensive background material targeted for undergraduate education. Courseware versions being used at Caltech go beyond the web version to include interactive simulations and lab work.

The World-Wide-Web version of the Archetypes eBook is: Caption


The Archetype Archives

The Archetype Archives contain a broader range of material than the eBook. It includes draft papers, background material, tools, code examples, and support software. The Archives are open to all participants; please contribute.

Archive Papers:Caption

FTP Archive: Caption


The eText Project

The eText Project at Caltech is a companion effort researching the area of electronic textbooks in general. The eText Project develops the interactive courseware used to teach Archetypes at Caltech, and a new tool, the eText Engine, for automating and assisting the authoring process.

The Engine is a NeXTSTEP application that works with interactive hypermedia documents in a WYSYWIG environment and can automatically generate HTML, LaTeX, ASCII, C, and RTF format documents from its own eText format.


The Archetype Working Group

The Archetype Working Group is an interdisciplinary effort of the computational science community at Caltech. It draws upon Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering, along with application areas in Physics, Environmental Engineering, and many others. It is part of the NSF-sponsored Center for Research on Parallel Computation, which also includes many participants beyond Caltech at Rice, Syracuse, Univerity of Tennessee and Oak Ridge, Argonne National Lab, Los Alamos, Syracuse, and other affiliates.

The AWG's home page is:here


Who's Who

All of these efforts are led by Professor K. Mani Chandy and his students, in collaboration with several other groups at Caltech and elsewhere.

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Please send comments and complaints: Caption to comment on Comment on WWW/FTP server.

For more information on participating, please contact: Caption to comment on The Caltech Archetype Project.

Svetlana Kryukova is the unofficial maintainer of the eBook and Archives; direct comments and queries about the contents to: Caption to comment on The Caltech Archetype Textbook.


What Next?

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