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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 14:39:17 PDT

"Meltsner, Kenneth" wrote:

> Does he exaggerate his role as the lead political proponent of the
> "commercial traffic OK" Internet? That's another question, but I think he
> has a decent case for that.

While that's all true, politics is a game of words and impressions. On the
basis of picking the right words and setting the right impressions -wrt- his
(granted) leadership in moving the Internet to a commercial entity through
policy shifting... well, on that basis, he *loses.*

Do you really want a leader whose job is words and impressions who generates
this much flak from a single, incredibly poorly-chosen statement?

Note: I'm not advocating Bush. Bush is even worse. I'm beginning to believe
he's borderline retarded, Yale education notwithstanding. (All that proves is
that dollars and influence can buy a sheepskin.) He needs to listen to some
"subliminable" tapes on how to not put your foot in your mouth.



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