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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 13:46:45 PDT

Relison is like prozac.. I know "here he goes agian!!"..but its the same
shit with differnt names.

In its place and in its time religion can save lifes, there is no doubt
about that.

Out of its place and out of its time religion can end lifes..there is no
doubt about that.

Wiccan, Chirstian, Pagan, Jewish, Buddist, Lakotain, Islamic....etc etc
are all just ways that people reach out touch what is beyind and around
them, to fell somehow that they are part of a greater thing.

All are also prone to being used by others for Personal ends. To reap the
desires of others by middlemaning those desire through some amzingly
brutal twists.

At its worst religion can become like Heroin..inital highs blind obedience
diminishing returns brutal reprisals for abandonment

But then again manythings can be used as such. EMotions can be the same
thing, they can either be enlightment or burutal torture. In the hands of
a single twitser emotional states can ben made into living hells.

Do we abmonish emotions? Does love get the boot becuase so much pain is
often the outcome of its misuse?

Religion is people. People who need people (cue barbra)

IS it not more accurate to say Religious People make A Religion good or

(side debate with the same theme IS Sposrts good oe bad... end result
of hundreds of posts....Its the People who make up sports that make it
good or bad...)

Such that all debates come down to

PEOPLE Good or bad..

and ill let you folks take that up

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