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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 13:36:49 PDT

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, B.K. DeLong wrote:

--]going to fit them in. I have a wonderful, flexible job....a decent house
--]but I still can barely find time for the things that need to get done. And
--]with kids it's going to get 10 times as worse? And I'm potentially going to
--]lose a big chunk or "me" time which already hardly exists. I'm beginning to
--]wonder how parents do it without their children being absolutely
--]undeveloped and psycho.

I joined a union of not just she and me, but she me her dughter her family
her daughters father my family

Over the last year I have gone form all night juarezing gamerboy to step
dad to a six year old to working on a newborn (we have been taking
meetings since the marriage (yes we waited till after the wedding day to
work in earnest on this) and expect to make an announcement in the next
few motnhs. Im bound by a "quiet time" before we can annoucen anything
firm, but between you me and the mailing lest next door id bet sooner than
latter unless theres a docotr in the house who cn say differntly).

Time and priorites move differntly. Its not so much my desire anymor
simply to play games and juarez, its to offer to heather, the step
daughter, all the fun a six year old can have as well as getting all the
education she can.

The beauty of it is I never really outgrew being a child myself so that
around kids its such a fucking blast. She now loves Louis prima and the
offspring and the addicts and the vandals and clicnk on links in web sites
and asking me questions to ask DR Google or PRoffessor Alter Visiter.

TIme and priorites become not about what you want to get done but what
needs to get done and then what you want to get done to help the family

Its also how you tackle a task. Laundry used to be drudgery for me, now
its another chance to toss on some mp3s and dance withthe kid while we
sort, fold, and play hoops with the laundry (2 points into the washer 3
points from the next ok i have to run assits on them wild three
pointer attempts but she is getting better at making it near the opening)

The garden is a chore but with her at my side its an adventure. Just last
month we picked some beans and then took some of the inwards and planted
them in a glass container to see how they germinate.

Its not easy. Sometimes I talk to my old gamer buds and flash back to a
time when the only tasks I was sure of doing in a day was being the best
damn RTS player alive. I still play now and again (just got a juarez of
Star trek new worlds and home world cataclysm) but not every night all

Once again the beinfits are pricless.

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