Re: Da Bomb
Thu, 14 May 1998 14:08:48 -0700

At 12:20 PM -0700 on 5/14/98, Robert Harley had this clever thought:

> >According to today's Wall Street Journal,
> >
> >| Why should the world care? After all, India tested its first nuclear
> >| device back in 1974 [...]
> But India has not been ruled by a bunch of nationalist nutcases since
> 1974. I suppose they are planning on escalating skirmishes in Kashmir
> into a war. Next the fundamentalist Muslim nutcases back Pakistan and
> attack israel for the hell of it. Caught between nuclear powered
> Jewish nutcases and nuclear powered Hindu nutcases, the Muslim
> nutcases stick somes nukes they found in Kazakhstan on the end of of
> some Scuds. The U.S. intervenes by shooting ineffective Patriot
> missiles around the place. World War III ensues. Game over.
> Nostradamus was right after all.
> Well maybe not, but the possible scenarios are scary.

Don't see it that way. India pops one into Pakistan. China fearing their
next pops one into India, India retaliates as does Pakistan, Iran being
what they are pops one into Pakistan, and India. Isreal being paranoid pops
a few in every direction. At the same time the stock market hits 10K and
melts down. Japan now knowing they are doomed from the drifting radiation
cloud and American stock market sends one into Australia figuring they can
always use the land. Clinton gets three more interns into the White House
for the long nights ahead. McNealy knowing this is his best chance
convinces an Air Force buddy to drop one on Redmond. Job's knowing
Microsoft is done for raises the price of a new Mac back to 1989 levels.
The Beastie boys cancel their Tibet concert since there is no more Tibet.
Pamela Anderson Lee moves back in with Tommy, and Tracy Lords facing her
30th birthday announces her return to porn. Pretty simple if you ask me.

But who is wearing the blue turban?



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