John Brunner Wrote for Your Sins (fwd)

Tom Whore (
Thu, 14 May 1998 14:28:11 -0700 (PDT)

Heres a little something I mused about this morning over on another list,
wanted to see if anyone here had a comment or whatnot.

I have often wondered if there is something systemically tied with a
constantly growing stream of information, conversation and emotions.

Over the last 10 years the amount of these things has been upped by a
noticeable level. We are now in positions to be connected to flows of
communications, information and emotion on a level not heard of to this
point. We are tied into one way streams (TV reading, radio, etc) and two
way streams (face to face, via the net, BBS, phone, fax) pretty much on a
24 hour , or Waking hours, time table.

What does this do to the human system? Are there limits to the amount of
flow we can handle? Are we adaptable to fit new bwf as it increases? If
not, how dose the system cope or deal with the overflow?

I am of a mind that there are ways that, in me at least, the system reacts
to too much of the flow.

Breakdowns, shut downs, moments when Im sitting in a chair and shake for a
few moments. My head rolls back on itself and my mind defocuses as if I
were trying to look at one of those damnable 3d stereoscopic pictures and
trying to make some sense of it. Over the years I have noticed the ability
to keep up with the flow, but there are moments when the brain needs to do
its breakdown-shakedown-let-it-all-hang-down tango.

The brain is a complex system that by and large is still as well
understood as the transmutating of led into gold. I only know of it in a
small regard, but know enough of it now to realize when its groaning under
the stress of going up a hill unable to get into the required gear.

I have seen more than a few folk with reactions like this, and a few that
I have talked to about seem to be coming to something of the same

The real question remains, is the system able to be pumped up like Arnold'
biceps, or is there a definite limit to the bwf it can handle?