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Of potential interest to FoRKers.
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Subject: Announcing the Mobility mailing list!

There is a new mailing list for discussion of the fields of mobile
agents, remote programming, active packets, mobile code, and related
ideas. Several mailing lists exist now for particular mobile agents
technologies; the Mobility mailing list aims to provide a common
discussion forum for the community. The charter below gives more
information about the list's purpose.

To subscribe, mail <majordomo@media.mit.edu> with "subscribe mobility"
in the message body. New members will also need to submit a two or
three sentence biography about their interest in mobile agents to
<mobility-bio@media.mit.edu>. The list will be open in a week or two
once we get an initial group of subscribers.

Feel free to pass along this announcement to interested parties.


The Mobility List Charter

The charter of this mailing list is to be a professional community for
people researching mobile agents, remote programming, active packets,
and mobile objects. The unifying theme is mobile code: programs that
are capable of moving from machine to machine during their execution.

Within the topic of distributed systems built using mobile code, there
is much room for discussions of ideas, techniques, implications, and
purposes. Several specific forums already exist for particular mobile
agent technologies; the purpose of this list is to transcend specific
implementation details, to discuss the core design ideas behind mobile
agents research.

A mailing list is only successful through the contributions of its
members. We welcome participation from all list members and request
only that you help maintain the high quality of the list discussion.

As part of building our community, we require all new members to
submit a two or three sentence description of their interest in mobile
systems. Please mail your biography to <mobility-bio@media.mit.edu>.
Feel free to include a URL link to your own work as well! These
biographies are posted on the list's web site as a resource for all

In addition to the member biographies, we also have complete mailing
list archives and a community-contributed FAQ on the web site.

Everything is available at http://mobility.lboro.ac.uk/

If you have administrative requests or need help in understanding how
the mail server works (for example, to unsubscribe) please mail
majordomo@media.mit.edu. If you'd like to talk to the people running
the list, mail mobility-admin@media.mit.edu. Finally, posts to the
list as a whole should go to mobility@media.mit.edu.

Note (May 11 1998): while the list is first starting up we will allow
subscriptions, but all postings will be bounced. The list will be
turned on as soon as we're over the initial subscription process.

Your volunteer list hosts are:

Kwin Kramer (MIT Media Lab)
Danny Lange (General Magic)
Nelson Minar (MIT Media Lab)
Todd Papaioannou (MSI Research Institute)
To unsubscribe (or other requests) mailto:dist-obj-help@unity.cs.caltech.edu
Archives, etc. http://www.infospheres.caltech.edu/mailing_lists/dist-obj/