Re: Straight man for Adam

Jay Thomas (
Sun, 10 May 1998 16:33:41 -0400

CobraBoy wrote:
> 1. More of the features you want! - Windows 98 contains the components
> that thousands of end-users have said are most important - all on one CD.

I'm happy, well, reasonably. What features have they added? I certainly
haven't asked them for any. How bout "Cut the Bloat!" Did they do that?

> 2. A more stable platform! - A completely rewritten System Information
> utility gives Windows 98 the most complete picture ever of the exact
> state of your system.

Ummm, not from what I've heard. When it crashes in front of BillG. and
the entire audience during a demo being run by the guys who wrote it,
little me doesn't stand a chance of a crash-free existence.

> 4. Faster operation! - In Windows 98, the memory management and cache
> modules are fine-tuned to give you optimal performance.

if you buy more hardware (memory).

> 7. Double the size of your desktop! - Windows 98 supports simultaneous
> use of multiple monitors so you get more room to work.

if you buy more hardware (monitor)

> 8. New features for dial-up connections! - The Windows 98 Control Panel
> offers you a slew of new utilities designed to help your computer get
> along better with your telephone.

they get along fine, now, thanks :)

> 9. TV on your PC! - Support for TV reception is an integral part of
> Windows 98. With a TV reception adapter card, you can watch broadcast or
> cable TV on your PC.

Umm, I already have that, running under Win95. oh, and "if you buy more
hardware (TV card)"

> 10. Universal Serial Bus (USB) - Offers true plug-and-play convenience.

I already have USB. What does that have to do with Win98??

I'm still waiting for M$ to give me one good reason to upgrade, other
than "We want your money". This is a dead end upgrade, as there will not
be another upgrade to WinXX. May as well wait for NT5. For a list of my
concerns (and the reviewers at PC Computing):
Top 10 Reasons to Wait
May, 1998

After three years of development and more than a year of nonstop beta
testing, you'd think Windows 98 would be practically perfect, right? Not
exactly. We found plenty of old annoyances that linger in the new OS.
And some of the new features deliver the sort of headaches that only
Windows can create.

And the url for Tims list: