Re: Single-malt (was:)Vonnegut address revisited

Jay Thomas (
Sun, 10 May 1998 16:51:40 -0400

Ron Resnick wrote:
> Snobbery to extremes. Not content just dissing blends, we now
> have a single malt dissing the boring, taste-one-taste-'em-all
> Glen* Speyside malts :-). Gotta love it!

Yes, I do. Love it, that is. Shows more of a market is emerging & they
are trying to differentiate themselves. And, no Scotch quite stands
apart from the field like Laphroaig does. Scotland just set new export
records last year...From Scotch Whisky Review, spring98: "Thirty-one
bottles or =A376 per second! Thats the exports of Scotch in 1997." and
"The top market, USA, rose 14% to over =A3300M."

> Since last discussing
> malts on FoRK, I've gone on to explore Islay's further -
> have Lagavulin (16yr)
> & Bowmore (12 yr) currently in stock in addition to Laphroaig.

Collection's up to 24 bottles (Boston area FoRKers drop me a note for a
tasting :) Just added a rarity...1968 Glenngoyne single-cask, cask
strength. Its around 57% alcohol, deep rich toffee colour, amazing
aroma & taste. Only 186 bottles in the world. Worth the =A3=A3=A3.
If you're into Laph, BTW, try Ardbeg. Verrrrrry smoky & medicinal. Like
Laphroaig on steroids.

> Am contemplating
> ordering a Port Ellen & Laphroaig cask strength from
> - they will ship to Israel, though
> not to US/Canada. Still, if anyone knows of a store I could
> find Port Ellen and cask strength Laph in the US (pref. Bay area),

Try Loch Fyne Whiskies ( ). They have a Cadenhead
bottling of 1980 Port Ellen for =A328.50 or for the heartier soul, Cask
strength (64%) for =A348.40. Also, 1984 56% Laphroaig aged in Sherrywood
for =A337.90. Reasonable prices, they've shipped to me here in MA, USA
(nickname: Restriction-ville) with no hassles, excellent selection &
they try to fill requests if its not on their list.

> I'd probably rather buy in person on my next trip than have to deal wit=
> customs clearance on a mail order to Israel. Port Ellen, of
> course,has been closed for years, and I've never seen it in any duty
> free store, so mail order may be the only way to get
> it.

Good luck :)