Re: The Winbox to compete with the iMac.

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sun, 10 May 1998 14:50:38 -0700

> Last night I was in Fry's and they were selling CTX 233 MHz K6 machines
> for $649 apiece. True, they only come with a 2Gig hard disk and 16Meg

Oh, but Adam, you have to learn to 'Look beyond megahertz'.

A 250-megahertz Macintosh PowerBook G3 is faster than a
266-megahertz Pentium II desktop.*

A 233-megahertz Power Macintosh G3 is faster than the Power
Macintosh 6500/300 and the Power Macintosh 8600/300.**

A 266-megahertz Power Macintosh G3 provides performance that is on
average 30 percent faster than that of a comparable
266-megahertz Pentium II system.*

I will concede, however, that and AMD K-6, while it runs Quake and
and Quake II slower than an Intel x86 chip, it runs Windows within
5% of an Intel Pentium-266MMX.

> Speaking of which...
> D-10K: THE DOW'S DIRE DIGITS?, Reuters

Oh, man. I know whose 'ignore' list I'm on! 8-)