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Steve Nordquist (
Sun, 10 May 1998 22:05:56 -0500

Main reason for using Win98(beta or not):
If IBM Antiirus works for it, suport for Win98 is better than for Win95.
Quake III DVD; the teleconferencing ssytem of the future.
Vague promise of a real filesystem (AAS/AAF: DirectX 6) (June MSJ)
Multiple monitors (and videocards) system only 140 times more
broken than MacOS 8.1's; broken by fancy mvvwm dragging junk,
not RAM situation.
It comes on CD, not CD plus an hour worth of network/install time.
If you disconnect the reset button, you can reset it with a 1392 scanner.
It fits on the miscellany budget, unlike NT!
and last but not least
It's unlawful D00D. The DoJ _banNed_ IT! (Whoa! My Natural keyboard
suddenly constricted!)

More to the point, news:/// has 2 more Win98 discussion
groups. Nothing moderated, but hey it may be a go-to thing someday.

Om me padme meaningful subject line om dharma nori noritake noribimus ho.

Jay Thomas wrote:

> How bout "Cut the Bloat!" Did they do that?

Well, the whole thing's written in real-mode FORTRAN32...the story seemsto be a
consistent 'phenomenally, yes' but the Klingon Honor test remains
to be performed.

> > 2. A more stable platform! -

> Ummm, not from what I've heard.

Yes, well the system gadget isn't frozen yet but reports are good for beta R4.

> > 4. Faster operation! - In Windows 98, the memory management and cache
> > modules are fine-tuned to give you optimal performance.
> if you buy more hardware (memory).

No, it works under 32MB OK, really (but yes, get 128MB in eachbank of DIMM
anyhow) and if you don't buy any more hardware, I'll
lose heart myself.

> > if you buy more hardware (monitor)

(AGP card and multisync DMD projector)

> > 8. New features for dial-up connections! - The Windows 98 Control Panel
> > offers you a slew of new utilities designed to help your computer get
> > along better with your telephone.
> they get along fine, now, thanks :)

Gee, maybe they threw in a SS8 license? 5ESS (ugh)?

> > 9. TV on your PC! - Support for TV reception

This is the stupid form of "HDTV on your PC." Sell your vidiconequipment while
there's still time! :)

> I'm still waiting for M$ to give me one good reason to upgrade, other
> than "We want your money".

They could just ask your senator.

> This is a dead end upgrade, as there will not
> be another upgrade to WinXX.

Whereas CorelDraw 8 will be CorelDraw in 2089?

> May as well wait for NT5.

What, with Win95 going rotten under your nose?

> For a list of my
> concerns (and the reviewers at PC Computing):

You were implicit in this guff? C'mon, some people have to beeased into BeOS,
and Win98 might help.

> ...