Re: GAO Report on Y2K problem

I Find Karma (
Fri, 8 May 1998 14:31:56 -0700

> This report reminds me of those Star Trek episodes where the computer calmly
> announces, "the ship will self-destruct in five minutes". "The country will
> experience significant economic disruption in 1.5 years."

I'll go one further and make a stupid, unfounded prediction:

HUGE stock market crash in October of 1999 similar in magnitude
to the market crashes of October 1929 and October 1987.

In September 1999 I'm sticking all my money in a sack and moving out
into the Arizona desert until March 2000. At least. Maybe I'll move
to Canada instead.

I loved Rohit's advice on flying and the Y2K problem: "More than
anything, you really don't want to be on an airplane at 11:59pm on
December 31, 1999."

Oh, and Wayne, I did check, and you were in fact the 13th person to join
FoRK, but you outlasted Eve Schooler, Rajit Manohar, and Greg Davis.
And -- Rohit, what was his last name? Byrd? Bird?
Bueller? -- was never a FoRKmember but was on the list that predated FWF
which itself was the list that predated FoRK. Oy.

FoRK is sort of a misnomer now, I guess, unless we're extremely liberal
with our definition of the word "friend." I still think we should
change the list name to NINJA:

Speaking of friends, does anyone else find the UI at

to be annoying? I need a faster-paced network accelerator. Six degrees
is like decaf.

Speaking of six degrees, thank you Lisa for setting me straight on when
it's good to be selfish. See, I knew that by being sweeping my
generalization was false, I just needed a good argument for justifiable
selfishness. You're right, sometimes it is necessary.

Looking through the FoRK archives I'm noticing once again how horribly
un-future-proofed the storage format is. Shame on us for assuming that
this dies with us.

Of course, I could do with deleting the spring 96 archives -- my first
post ever compared the Internet culture to the C.B. culture?! Ugh

and then there was the repost of Ernie's politically correct guide to

and so on and so on and so on. A young Timothy Byars, then at, even posted a cute little self-description

> A Los Angeles native cruises Huntingtion Beach in his Mustang Cobra
> stewed on Maragrita's on a balmy 85 degree day, taking pictures of
> bikini clad locals with his Kodak digital camera.

So is FoRK, I mean NINJA, different now? Sure. But I think it's for
the better. If only we could (hint hint) have a digest mode...


Nixon liked his interns to keep their mouths shut, whereas Clinton...
-- Jay Leno