GAO Report on Y2K problem

Jim Whitehead (
Fri, 8 May 1998 12:38:24 -0700

I've been finding it difficult to really assess what the Y2K risks really
are, so I decided to read GAO-AIMD-98-85, "Year 2000 Computing Crisis:
Potential for Widespread Disruption Calls for Strong Federal Leadership",
available at:

What I garner from this report is:
- The FAA isn't going to make it, and airtravel in the US will be severely
affected in early 2000.
- The DoD isn't going to make it -- hopefully we'll be at peace.
- The IRS isn't going to make it, and will be *very* behind in processing
returns in Y2K. File early if you want a quick refund. :-)
- Medicare payments could be at risk

Surprisingly, the report does give me some faith that Social Security
payments will continue, which I had previously doubted.

This report reminds me of those Star Trek episodes where the computer calmly
announces, "the ship will self-destruct in five minutes". "The country will
experience significant economic disruption in 1.5 years."

- Jim